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I have been working in the field of technology and multimedia for 10+ years. I have a very visual and technical background.10 years ago I found myself making plugins in After Effect using JavaScript to speed up the process in Visual Effects for major motion pictures. This was before I understood what JavaScript was. After Effects calls JavaScript, After Effects Expressions. I believe that front end developers come from two different sides of a spectrum.

• Right side being back-end engineer and knowing more about JavaScript and less about functionality, user experience, browser speed, browser reflow, correct design implementation.

• Left side being user interface / user interaction /user experience designer often knowing more about CSS, HTML, jQuery and less about jQuery issues of traversing the DOM, speed issues with gradients and box shadows, what to do when dealing with 2k elements.

I am in the middle of this spectrum pulling what I need from UI-UX Design and Back Ends development challenges. This makes me advantageous in front-end engineering/development and in communicating development, design and client needs.